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What she likes about the Boredom Busters series: No batteries, screens, or cables required. The Boredom Busters series are meant to inspire kids to get creative & discover activities they can do using things they find around their classroom or home.

One of Caroline's biggest challenges in being an author is: public speaking. Eek! You would think a writer just writes all day -- but from time to time a writer has to speak in public. One of the toughest things Caroline has done is speak at the Forest of Reading ceremony.

Imagine: being on stage in front of 1500 of kids. Would this scare you? It scared Caroline. But she took a deep breath and did it. Proving: you can do anything!

Forest of Reading: Caroline's book Boredom Busters was nominated in the Forest of Reading. Boredom Busters was awarded the Silver Book Non-Fiction Honour Book award.

Caroline Trivia: no pets, three kids, has a degree in English Literature and a Teacher of English as a Second Language Certificate, is super nice to work with., and gets lost often.

Caroline's main job: working as a blogger and social media specialist. This also involves lots of writing. :-) She created - a site which shares information to make life easier for busy families. Over on Parent Club she writes about food, family travel, lifestyle & fashion, tech & home, and more.