5 star review PLAGUE THIEVES

PLAGUE THIEVES by Caroline Fernandez

PLAGUE THIEVES received a 5 star review and was "highly recommended" by CM: Canadian Review of Materials. 

"Children who have experienced years of the Covid pandemic will easily relate to this story of another epidemic, one set in a far off time and place when medicine was in its infancy and the plague, a death sentence. Told in the first person by Rose, the story, written in a direct, straightforward manner, is gripping. It imaginatively and believably depicts the plight of ordinary people living through a terrible time while simultaneously revealing the best and worst of humanity.

Rose and Lem are credible in their grief, and each is in character as they use their initiative to survive which, for Lem, does not always work out positively. Rose and her friends show their metal despite the very realistic horror and fear they experience. An interesting development involves their meeting with the great scientist, Isaac Newton, who ironically is experiencing his ‘Year of Wonder’ with many of his most famous discoveries and inventions."

Read the full review: https://www.cmreviews.ca/node/4092